Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bucs Release Their First Depth Chart

Looks like the Bucs released their first depth chart for their upcoming preseason game this Saturday


POS First Second Third Fourth Fifth

QB J. Freeman J. Johnson R. Carpenter
RB C. Williams D. Ward C. Smith K. Huggins
FB E. Graham C. Pressley K. Taylor
WR1 M. Williams R. Brown M. Spurlock T. Nunn C. Brooks
WR2 M. Stovall S. Stroughter A. Benn M. Clayton P. Parker
TE K. Winslow J. Stevens J. Gilmore R. Purvis J. Mastrud
LT D. Penn J. Lee X. Fulton
LG J. Zuttah K.Vincent
C J.Faine J. Compas D. Raiola
RG D. Joseph M. Dile
RT J.Trueblood D.Dotson D. Hardman


POS First Second Third Fourth
LDE K. Moore T. Crowder B. Gilbeaux E. Lorig
UT G. McCoy R. Sims C. Powell
DT R. Miller B. Price D. Moore
RDE S. White M. Bennett G. Johnson J. Ruffin
SLB Q. Black D. Watson L. Robinson
MLB B. Ruud A. Hayward N.Koutouvides
WLB G. Hayes J. Alston R. McCoy
LCB A. Talib M. Lewis E. Biggers B. Anderson
RCB R. Barber E. Mack D. Roberson D. Pasco
SS S. Piscitelli S. Jones C. Lynch
FS T. Jackson C. Grimm D. Hall

Not a lot of surprises here. I will give you my thoughts though.

-Michael Clayton is listed as 4th string. Not a lot more than that needs to be said.

-I wouldn't expect Benn to be 3rd string after a few preseason games.

-Even though he's listed as 4th team I really hope we get a chance to see Kareem Huggins with the 2nd team O Line some. No way to judge how talented he is at the end of he 4th quarter behind the 3rd team line in my opinion.

-I wondered out loud if the Buccaneers silence on Xavier Fulton during the Donald Penn holdout meant he wasn't doing so hot or maybe they had big plans for him on the right side instead. It appears to be the former as he is listed at 3rd string for now. Might end up being the only miss of the draft last year.

-Although Jeremy Zuttah is listed as a starter there is no doubt his job is on the line. If Keydrick Vincent outplays him in these preseason games he will end up being a utility backup.

-The same can be said for the Sabby Piscitelli/Sean Jones position battle.

-Its very curious to me that the depth chart has Tim Crowder behind Kyle Moore at left defensive end but most of the people I have talked to have seen Crowder primarily backing up Stylez G. White on the right hand side. I have to wonder if its just one of those "on paper" deals with Crowder having no shot at all to start. The proof will probably be in the pudding. If Crowder gets preseason game reps at left end he probably still has an outside chance. If not its already over. Still if he hasn't been practicing left end much its kind of a bad deal to have to go out and play it under the lights. But hey that's life in the NFL for ya.

--Ryan Sims at 2nd team undertackle is not going to be pretty. I know they are grooming Brian Price to start at nosetackle but I would much rather see him at undertackle on the 2nd team with Sims at nose. Price is probably going to have to backup McCoy a lot anyway and for right now Roy Miller has no plans on giving up his starting spot anyway.

-I am mildly curious about Cody Grimm being 2nd string at Free, not Strong Safety. He was after all a linebacker in college. And I would think coverage would be his weakest area at the moment. But hey maybe they see something I don't. Gotta wonder how Cory Lynch feels about it though since he is stuck at 3rd string behind Sabby and Jones. Not that his feelings matter.

-Myron Lewis is already 2nd team and he's my odds on favorite to be the starting nickel back.

Did I miss anything?


  1. Good post. No surprises here. Keydrick looks VERY slow in drills. The road grader may be a liability in pass protection (and that will be the only shot Zuttah has at keeping him off the field).

  2. Everyone raves about Stroughter but he's #2 to Stovall? That surprised me a bit.

    -- George C. Costanza

  3. @OldSchool

    Thanks for the comment! As for Vincent I think if he is as physical as I think he will be in the games they will start him over Zuttah even though Zuttah is the better athlete. We have to find our identity and supposedly its going to be a hard nosed running game with our passing game coming off that. I think the team might be better served with Zuttah as a utility guy anyway because he can play all up and down the line but still lacks that certain "it" when you watch him. I still like Zuttah as a player long term but Vincent is potentially the better choice for this year imo.


    Stroughter being #2 means he's really the starting slot receiver. I have a hard time believing he would start if Stovall went down because that position has to block a lot in the running game and Stroughter just isn't that big. I think the slot is where he is best suited anyway but since they didn't use a slot WR as a position for the depth chart they just probably put him behind Stovall instead of giving the impression that he and Mike Williams are battling for a starting spot. Just my opinion tho.

  4. Steve,

    What are your thoughts about Michael Bennett? He had a toe injury last year, but it looks like he has the physical attributes to contribute.

  5. Steve, I listened to most of the Sirius NFL broadcast today from One Buc and heard Ronde Barber say that Mike Williams runs routes like a 3rd or 4th year player.

    Just passing it along ...

    -- George C. Costanza

  6. I agree Old School, Vincent will probably wind up starting since he is bigger, and more physical.