Friday, July 2, 2010

What If Lebron's The Biggest Loser?

I will fully admit that I am not heavy into the NBA. I follow my Lakers and a few other teams like the Magic but that's about it. You would have to be dead or comatose though not to be informed about the current free agency whirlwind that is going on this offseason. Primarily everyone is focused on where Lebron James will go and have been for over a year.

Will he resign with his hometown Cavaliers?

Will he head for the bright lights of New York?

Will he follow in Jordan's footsteps in Chicago?

Many questions have been asked and all kinds of people have offered up guesses but at this point nobody really knows where he will end up.

But a thought occurred to me tonight. What if Lebron ends up on the wrong side of history after he makes his decision?

What got me to thinking about it was a report that Dewayne Wade and Chris Bosh, both also top free agents, were meeting with their agent and the Bulls at the same time. Now Chicago is one of the few teams with enough cap space to sign two big time guys this year. Most people thought at one of those two players they had a chance at would be Lebron. But what if they were perfectly happy to have D Wade and Bosh instead?

At that point quite a few dominoes would start to fall.

It appears that Amare Stoudemire has all but signed with the Knicks at this point so they would still be a viable option for Lebron but he was said to be underwhelmed by their proposal. And really its going to take a helluva lot more than just Amare and Lebron to get the Knicks to the promised land.

Of course he could sign by his lonesome with the Nets but again other than a paycheck what would be the motivation?

And he could always resign with the Cavs. But there are major changes under way with that team. Shaq isn't likely to resign with them. Mo Williams and Delonte West are supposedly on the trading block. And Byron Scott whom I love as a coach but whom has also clashed with his stars in more than one stop, has now been named the head coach. Who exactly would be his supporting cast should he decide to resign?

And let's look at this holistically. The Magic at the moment aren't big players on the free agent market but they at least should be as strong next year as they were this year. The Milwaukee Bucks traded for Chris Douglas Roberts and their team was already pretty strong. The Bulls are an instant contender with the addition of Wade and Bosh.

So where in all that do you see a clear path for Lebron to get a ring?

Mind you, that's not even accounting for the fact that whoever comes out the East will have to beat the best team out of the West. Hell if it goes down this way I don't see a way for Lebron and the Cavs or Lebron and the Nets to even come out of the East for the next several years.

Its kind of fascinating to me that when its all said and done Lebron may end up with a lot of money and endorsements but when it comes to championships he may just end up alone out in the cold.

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  1. The Magic would be the perfect fit for King James. Too bad that won't happen. Howard would be the perfect compliment to LeBron's game. I don't know where the Magic are with Cap Space, but with Lebron on that young team, I could see instant championship, with more to follow.