Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fresh Ink On The Blotter

Jeremy Trueblood was arrested for public intoxication late yesterday near his hometown in Indiana. The story is quite....interesting shall we say. But I'll refrain from making jokes for now.

Towell said his department received a call shortly after 10 p.m. from a gas station clerk complaining about two men who entered the store and disrupted business before leaving in a car driven by a third person.

The driver of the car was Trueblood's mother, Wanda, Towell said. A third member of the party, Benjamin McKenny, was also arrested on a public intoxication charge, Towell said.

"The gas station clerk called us and said two guys came into the store and were knocking stuff off the counters and almost knocked over a small lady with a child in her hand,'' Towell said.

"The clerk said the driver didn't come in and that he or she may be intoxicated, so we had an officer follow the car. Mr. Trueblood's (mother), Wanda, was the driver, and at the time of the stop she did not have her seat belt on.

"While talking to the driver and issuing the citation for the seat belt, the backseat passenger (McKenny) and Mr. Trueblood became beligerant and so they were locked up for failing to cooperate and public intoxication.

"Had the backseat passenger and Trueblood cooperated and not been beligerant, I won't say that wouldn't have happened, but it might have just ended with the driver getting the citation.''

Look I don't revel in players getting arrested because I know it damages not only the shield but in many instances those guys personally. But you gotta admit that this isn't your run of the mill arrest.

But hey like I said Im not going to go there. Yet...

*Update: Trueblood has now been released with no charges filed.  Seems the whole situation could have been avoided.  The lesson learned here and also previously with the Georgia AD's arrest is that if you are a passenger in a vehicle during a traffic stop STFU!!!

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