Wednesday, January 6, 2010

National Championship

I will make this simple, I am picking Alabama to win the National Championship tomorrow over Texas.


For people who follow me on twitter or who know me personally this isn't much of a shock. I could never root for the Tide because of the intense hatred any true Volunteer such as myself has for them. But I can respect what they do and this year they are simply the best team in college football.

The essential point is that Bama was ideally suited to handle the Florida Gators. Their defense is big up front to play the run and fast in the secondary to play the pass. Their offense is all about being physical, running down hill, and hitting a few big plays in the passing game. Unfortunately for the Longhorns, they are practically a mirror image of the Gators. And that means they won't have much more success than Tebow and Co. had a month ago.

But in reality, this game might be worse.

The reason being, most teams in the SEC have been so wary of Javier Arenas' return skills that they rarely if ever punt the ball to him. I have a funny feeling that Texas won't show the same amount of respect and will punt him the ball at least twice where he has an opportunity to return it. And if they do, you can expect him to score at least once on a return.

Now I will be the first to tell you that I am a homer for the SEC, but my assessment when it comes to games leave all emotion aside. I don't think Texas has seen a team this year that commits to running the ball the way Alabama does. I KNOW they haven't seen a defense the caliber of Bama's the whole season. If you think Nebraska did a number on em, just wait till you see what Tide pull off tomorrow night.

I know there will be some who point to last year and Bama's loss in the bowl game to Utah as proof of their vulnerability. But I am telling you straight up, don't be fooled. This team is a lot better and it could get ugly for the Longhorns. And I truly believe that after tomorrow night, nobody is going to claim that Boise State or any other team has a claim to the national title. Bama's victory will be so impressive that it will kill pretty much all that noise.

Of course I could be wrong, but I haven't been most of this year.

It is what it is.

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