Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Jason Campbell went in on Clinton Portis in the Washington Post after Portis questioned his leadership skills on his radio show earlier in the day. I have to say that I damn near stood up and applauded after reading Campbell's response. You could tell he had probably been holding in a lot of what he said about Portis for a long time and he let it all come out tonight. If Portis is as tight with Redskins owner Dan Snyder as Campbell and several others say then Campbell probably talked his way out of town this evening. But I bet he will be thinking on his way out the door, "Damn, that was worth it!"

Informed of Portis's comments, Campbell, selected one of six team captains by teammates the last two seasons, called out Portis for putting himself above the team and, in his opinion, an overall lack of professionalism Portis has exhibited in Campbell's five seasons in Washington.

"How is he going to say I'm not a leader?" Campbell said in a lengthy telephone interview. "I mean, that's just not true. To me, that's somebody who shows that they don't know what a real leader is. A leader is not someone who leads by the wrong example. A leader is someone who is trying to do the right thing and trying to lead by example, and not just [being] about themselves. There's a reason guys get selected as captains, and there's a reason guys don't get selected as captains. Obviously, he doesn't have the respect of the locker room to be a captain. For someone to try to take a shot at me at the end of the season, after they haven't even been around, only speaks about their character anyways."

"There have been a lot of things I could have come out and said. But I never went out of my way to make those things known. I never wanted those things to leave the locker room because it's no one else's business. And for those things to be said, questioning my character and questioning my leadership, I think that's not the way to go, especially when you're supposed to be a team guy. Is that being a good teammate? If that's the case, why is no one questioning my leadership and everyone is questioning his work ethic?"


"How's he [going to] question anything when for those four or five weeks before he was on IR [the season-ending injured-reserve list], he never even came around. He wasn't with us. He was never at practice. Who does he think was holding the offense together? He should go ask the coaches and the players if he wants to know. But he wasn't around to do that. He doesn't know anything about leadership."

Campbell said he was disappointed about airing private team matters in public, and especially frustrated that Portis would verbally attack him with the Redskins preparing to make a long-anticipated announcement that former Denver Broncos coach Mike Shanahan has been hired as their next head coach.

"You've got guys out there working their butts off, guys out there practicing and doing everything they need to do to prepare for Sundays, and you see him over there getting special treatment," Campbell said of Portis. "What does that say about him? I go out, I get beat down on Sundays, and I still have to go out and practice and get ready for games. And that's what your supposed to do."

I have to say, I could never root for the Redskins, but I am definitely a Jason Campbell fan now.


  1. Steve, I'm off topic, but I just finally got to listen to Raheem's Monday Press Conference. I thought he handled the "Stupid' questions remarkably well, and there were a bunch of them. That may have been his best Press Outing to date. Everything he said, in my eyes, made perfect sense. There were no spontaneous, off the cuff statements by him that could haunt him later. It has taken time, and I am starting to believe in his leadership skills. The players obviously believe in him and he will be successful. He has matured tremendously over the course of a difficult season too. He is good at correcting mistakes and I think he will make a few changes to the staff over the coming months too. Reporters really need to stop at times and think about their questions before they ask them. Not every question has an answer and too often their goal is to ask those very questions. Raheem deflected those well and a couple times even laughed at them, which I did too. How stupid does a person have to be, to become a reporter in this town. I guess it's who you know or maybe who you blow, because it sure ain't what you know.

  2. Never have been a Redskin fan either, but I agree, Campbell definitely set the record straight. Nice to see some rebuttal to one of the many "all about me" players out there.

    If he did talk his way out of town, he might be a veteran option to look at to bring in to compete/work with Josh. I have to believe he'd probably look for a better opportunity to start (Buffalo, Cleveland, etc.), but I'd be in favor of bringing him in. Every team needs guys with character like that.