Friday, January 15, 2010

Can You Hear Me Now?

The good folks over at ESPN Ft Walton have invited me on the radio today to talk about the Vols coaching situations as well as the NFL playoffs. If you get the chance tune in and then come back and tell me what you thought. I will try not to embarrass myself lol


  1. Hey Steve, just caught your appearance on the show. I'd completely agree with your pick of the Saints blowing out the Cardinals, throughout the regular season they used Shockey to confuse coverage and create spaces, and although Dave Thomas isn't a bad pass-catching tight-end, he doesn't come close to what Shockey does in the passing game. The Saints are great at using receiver routes and the versatility of their personnel to create and find holes in coverage, and Shockey is very important in that scheme.

    But why do you think the Ravens - Colts game is going to be an upset sooner than the Cowboys - Vikings game? I don't particularly disagree with your reasoning anywhere, but I feel like Cowboys - Vikings is a real even matchup, and especially with the risk of Favre blowing up (as he's done historically) I feel like that game is as close to 50/50 as you get in this round.

  2. @Sander

    Thanks for listening!

    Here is the answer to your question wrt Cowboys/Vikings

    Two words, "Running Game". I think the Viking will play the Cowboys running game better than anybody has in awhile and I think that will force them to throw in bad situations for them. On the other side I think Adrian Peterson has had a week to rejuvinate and he is due a big game. The Cowboys aren't particularly good against the run and the Vikings have one of the biggest, strongest offensive lines in the game. Once you get AP going and the Cowboys have to man up and drop a safety then Shiancoe, Rice, and Harvin are going to have a field day. I think the Vikings will win by more than a touchdown and thats coming from a life long Cowboys fan.