Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Semi Bold Prediction

With all the focus being on Roy Williams in Dallas, Patrick Crayton will lead the team in receptions.

I think a lot of people, including the local Dallas press is sleeping on Crayton because he has been around for awhile. But as far as I can tell he has been the most consistent reciever in camp and he has a knack for getting open. I still expect Williams to get more yardage but Crayton will catch between 70 and 80 balls.

Write it down, take a picture, I don't give a fcuk!

1 comment:

  1. That might be the case but would that mean he is a better reciever or a bigger threat?
    If someone like Wes Welker has more catches the Moss, does that mean he is a better reciever??
    What is the point here....that Crayton will have more catches?...okay, that is a reasonable assesment.
    My question is, how badly will the Cowgirls lose to the Skins this year. Both times?