Sunday, August 9, 2009

Can Not Play With Them, Can Not Win With Them, Can Not Coach With Them, Can't Do It

Most football fans remember 49ers Head Coach Mike Singletary's rant last year about Vernon Davis, but for those who don't here is a refresher.

Now I realize that everybody is allowed to make a few mistakes, especially young players. But I am also keenly aware that there are some complete head cases in the NFL. You never want to line up with all choir boys but you do need everyone to understand the difference between showing emotion and hurting your team. Vernon Davis still doesn't seem to get it, and I am begginning to think he is one of those head cases. Check out what Frank Gore, pretty much THE offense for the 49ers, had to say about Davis.

Frank Gore wants to see more maturity out of Vernon Davis, and he told him so.

"It's his fourth year now. Now it's time," Gore said Saturday.

The 49ers running back spoke to reporters a day after Davis said some teammates were upset by his latest training-camp fight. Coach Mike Singletary punished the entire team after Davis' scuffle by making players run sideline-to-sideline sprints.

Gore was among those unamused.

"I wasn't mad about having to run gassers," he said. "I just feel it's his fourth year now, and I told him it shouldn't be him now. Everybody makes mistakes but it shouldn't be him. OK, a rookie? I accept that."

Gore and Davis have a friendly relationship and joke around frequently in the locker room. Before talking to reporters Saturday, Gore said he already had spoken to the tight end about the matter, telling him: "It's time to be a man and try to do everything right. There are younger guys who probably look up to you on the team."

Now think about how bad it looks for the most important option on offense to have to call out one of the best options in the passing game for being a dumbass. But if that wasn't bad enough get a load of this clown's response.

Davis said of that experience: "A few guys were mad, but like I told them you can't get mad because there will be a time you make the rest of us run. I told them they should be happy that I made them run because it's extra work for us and a chance for us to get better."

Vernon Davis will be the same asshole who gets a dumb penalty and costs the 49ers a game and then who will stand up and say that you can't blame just him. He doesn't get it, and it doesn't seem like he will any time soon. Now maybe if he had shown in the past that he could fight in practice and then refrain during the games that would be one thing. But instead every bad habit he has in practice carries over to the game. Now he already has his Head Coach send him packing during the game last year now he has their franchise offensive player calling him out and instead of pledging to do better he is saying people should thank him?

I tell you what, if he gets stupid penalties again this year a lot of fans will thank Coach Singletary after he benches his crazy ass.

One thing I learned from Coach Tony Dungy playing under him that the best 53 guys for a team are not always the 53 best guys. But a team is about coming together to accomplish something bigger than any one person. And I just don't think Vernon Davis is ever going to understand that.

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