Saturday, August 1, 2009

Is Moss The Best Ever?

Check out this quote from New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady:

“He’s the best receiver, probably, ever to play the game. It’s easy to have great chemistry with Randy. You just have to throw it where he’s running because he’s usually open.”

Now a lot of people will dismiss it as just one teammate preening over another but I think Tom Brady is just being real here. I have long been a fan of Randy Moss's play on the field no matter what antics he engages in off of them. (note that he hasn't done near as much negative stuff off the field as many average fans would think)I remember watching him playing for Marshall in his senior year of college thinking "this guy is gonna be ridiculous!". And since he has been in the league he has. Playing against him and seeing what he can do live and in person only served to make me even more impressed with his play making ability.

I have friends and family of mine that bring up all kinds of so called knocks on Moss to try to dispel the notion that he is one of the greatest if not the greatest WR ever to play the game. One of the most ridiculous things I hear is that he won't block. Let me tell you something, fullbacks are hired to block. Wide Recievers are hired to move the chains and catch touchdowns. And very few, if any, that have played the game do it better than Randy Moss.

Its not just that the guy has lamborghini wheels, its not just that he can jump out of the gym, its not just that he has mitts for hands, its not just that he has supreme confidence in his abilities. Its the combination of all of those and then some.

This is a guy who thinks, no knows, that he is open even when facing double coverage. Of course here in Tampa we pretty much revolutionized the way a lot of teams play Cover 2. "Tampa 2" is now in the lexicon of playing defensive football and the premise is that we keep everything underneath and then rally to the ball to limit any yards after contact. But the thing of it was that Randy didn't care what it was we were trying to do. He was still bound and determine to beat the defense deep. And in has now become his famous tell, he would throw his hand up when he was going deep and felt he was open.

The sad part is more the half the time he was.

Now I realize that saying someone is the best player at his position has been and always will be a subjective thing. I don't imagine that I will convince those who believe that Jerry Rice is the greatest WR ever that Moss has over taken him. But I am just saying that honestly in my opinion I think if he hasn't already, he will over the rest of his career, barring injury.

I said to some friends of mine (though I can't prove it other than to have them attest to it) on draft day a few years back when Moss was traded from Oakland to the Patriots that he would break every record known to man. Remember that at that time his stock was way down and people were questioning if he was even a good receiver anymore let alone a great one. But I knew that once he got back into a stable situation and with an above average quarterback in Tom Brady, that he would thrive. And boy did he. Now I have made this prediction privately but I will say it publicly here too, I think Moss has a chance to break his single season TD record this year. After being in the system for 3 years and having Brady back at the helm, along with having an experinced and speedy threat opposite him with Joey Galloway, I think the opportunities will be there for him. I won't guarantee it, Im just saying don't be surprised if he tops 20 TDs again this year.

By the way, I really think its a two man race for G.O.A.T. I really don't see anyone else on Rice and Moss's level. And YES that includes and maybe especially T.O. whom I will speak on later.

Now for your viewing pleasure.

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