Tuesday, June 29, 2010

You Mean To Say He Has A Point?!

In an article ranking NFL defensive lines Jason Cole gets this right:

9. Washington Redskins: You can pretty much guarantee the Redskins will move down in the rankings between now and the start of the season because there’s about as much chance of tackle Albert Haynesworth(notes) opening the season in Washington as BP exec Tony Hayward has of taking up residency in Louisiana. That’s a pretty sad fact because if Haynesworth would get on board and coach Mike Shanahan would get over this idea of having Haynesworth play nose tackle, the Redskins line could be pretty good. Really, though, the Redskins would be better off scrapping the 3-4 altogether and playing 4-3. That’s their strength given their personnel and that would allow Haynesworth to line up next to Maake Kemoeatu(notes) in what would be a fearsome tackle combo. The addition of versatile Vonnie Holliday(notes) was a nice move, too.

See how easy it is to give actual analysis of the situation when you don't focus on how much money somebody is making or if people are calling them fat?

Of course the question now becomes will anyone start noticing these analyses of the Redskins that are starting to trickle through or will they just continue to mindlessly bash Haynesworth without ever taking a step back and taking a macro look at the situation?
On another note I will point out that I totally disagree with Cole's assessment about the Buccaneers' defensive ends as I firmly believe that rather than being a placeholder, Stylez White will have double digit sacks this year and be dominant at right end. But hey, being ranked #18 is pretty good considering the way he starts off his analysis.


  1. Totally agree with you.

    BTW, Jason Cole not knowing that the Bucs released Hovan kind of makes his analysis seem a bit useless.

  2. I entirely agree that the Redskins would be better off playing a 4-3 and that's a better fit for Haynesworth too. I don't get why Shanahan wants to move to a 3-4.
    But that doesn't mean Haynesworth is right in not showing up.