Thursday, June 24, 2010

Anticipating The Argument

One thing about blogging sometimes over at joebucsfan is that you start to get a feel for how some of the regular commenters will come down on certain topics. There is definitely a segment of Buccaneers fans there and elsewhere across the blogosphere that seem to back whatever the brass over at One Buc says without much thought or examination. Right now many of them, with all evidence to the contrary, will try to convince other people and maybe even themselves that Donald Penn doesn't deserve a new contract. Mind you but for the CBA expiring, which wasn't really a sure thing until last year, the Bucs would be in a situation right now where they would HAVE to give him a new contract or risk losing Penn via free ageny. At the least they would have had to franchise him to keep him and while not a long term deal it would have been a helluva lot more than the $3 million and change they are offering him right now.

But those kinds of facts don't appeal to that section of Bucs fans. Nope they will find new excuses for the Glazers not cutting the check every single day. As soon as you shoot down one, here comes another. And don't get me wrong, there's nothing inherently wrong with fans trusting their owners. But at some point that trust crosses over into the land of the delusional.

So this morning I happened to see a post that I KNOW will make that crowd giddy. It seems that the player ratings for the new Madden video game have come out. And whaddya know.

Top Left Tackles
R. Clardy - 98
J. Long - 96
J. Thomas - 95
M. Roos - 95
J. Gross - 95
D. Ferguson - 91
J. Brown - 91
B. McKinnie - 90

Madden has the top 8 left tackles and ZOMG there's no Donald Penn!!!

Now you may think I'm crazy for saying this but I can almost guarantee that there will be a Bucs fan who uses the Madden ratings to justify Penn not getting a new deal.

No bullshit.

I can hear them now..."SEE SEE even Madden agrees with Mark Dominik and you know its the most realistic video game EVAHHH"

Laugh now, but I will accept your apology when it happens.

But here's the thing, remember that these folks ALWAYS back ownership. That being the case there is something about the Madden ratings that is going to give them a lot of heartburn if they try to use them against Penn.

P. Willis - 99
J. Beason - 96
R. Lewis - 94
D. Harris - 91
B. Ruud - 91
L. Fletcher - 91
D. Ryans - 90
J. Vilma - 90

Yep. that's right folks. Madden has Barrett Ruud, you know the OTHER guy the Bucs won't commit too long term, as the 4th or 5th best middle linebacker in all the NFL. Oh I know you've been repeating that "he makes tackles 5 yards down the field" crap all off season, but evidently (like me) Madden and his people disagree.

And I mean if Madden is a fair arbiter of Penn's talent shouldn't he also be a fair arbiter for Ruud's.

Understand this, I think BOTH guys deserve new deals so I'm happy as hell for Barrett that he is getting props on the game AND I think Penn should have been in the mix at his position. But the point to get across is this.


Using it as an argument for or even against a guy getting money is ridiculous. But because I know at this point Penn detractors/Glazers supporters are grasping at straws to justify this situation I just know someone will use that weak ass analogy.

Welp, just know if you bring that weak stuff to me I'm slapping it hard against the backboard and giving you the Mutombo finger wave.

You've been warned ;)

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