Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fairy Dust, Unicorns, And Ponies

It is rare that you will find two statements from two different people built so much on fantasy and nothing else in one sports post, but the Bucs found a way to pull it off.

First Jeff Faine on Demar Dotson:

"I think a lot of us take it for granted. I think he's a very, very bright star with a lot of potential and has a great attitude and a great work ethic. He wants to learn. He wants to keep improving and I think if he puts it all together, he could be one of the best to ever play the game. Now that's a lot being said and it's a pretty good ways away, but he has a chance.''

Jeff also has some swamp land in south Florida to sell you.

Next up Coach Morris on Donald Penn's hold out:

I got a feeling he'll come up and play and I can't wait until he does.''

I wonder if that's the same kind of feeling the degenerate gambler has every time he puts money on a horse.

Listen, I like Demar Dotson as a young player and its true he has some physical gifts, but for a guy to only have gotten game reps so far as a blocking tight end any talk about him being an all time great is a load of horse shit. I would have loved to have seen Faine's expression as he uttered those words because its hard to believe he kept a straight face.

As for Coach Morris, its funny that he says he thinks Penn will just "show up" especially when the rest of his statement goes on to talk solely about Penn and his character. Hey Coach, I can GUARANTEE he will show up rather than just having a feeling. As soon as the Glazers cut a check I PROMISE he will be on he first thing smoking.

Its really that simple.

So maybe you should be focusing more of your public pressure up towards them instead of down at him. Especially after your GM called him fat last week.

Just a thought...

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