Thursday, February 4, 2010

Superbowl Prediction, Colts Vs Saints

I had too much to say so I had to break it up into two videos. Enjoy.


  1. I am really looking forward to the Super Bowl! The Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints are definitely the best teams in their respective conferences. I am rooting for the Colts. I think it will be a close, high-scoring game. If I had to predict a final score, I’d say the Colts will win 34-31.

  2. The Colts are going to win because of Manning being the greatest
    quarterback of all time... there is no way to stop him. If he wants
    to win the game, he will. They have had a vast amount of 4th quarter
    comebacks this year and when the Ravens sat back, Peyton found a way
    to beat them, when the Jets came blitz heavy, Peyton found a way to
    beat them...

    He is just too good and will continue to be until his retires on top
    of the game. As a fan of the game, I used to hate Manning because of
    how good he was, but through-out the years, it's impossible as a fan
    of the game not to enjoy watching him play.

    Drew Brees on the other hands, is no slouch, in my eyes, he is the
    best quarterback other than Peyton and this is going to be quite the
    SuperBowl. TheCoach was predicting a Saints-Colts SuperBowl earlier
    in the season and I am so glad it's happened!!

    Feel free to check out TheCoach's Pick @

    Best of luck to both teams this week,

  3. Hey Steve, thanks for posting the analysis.

    Steve, you talk about special teams and kicking accuracy. You're right that Hartley is inexperienced, but at the same time Stover doesn't have the legpower Hartley has so the Colts will be more limited on trying long field goals.

    But what's much more important is probably the punting and kick-off teams on both sides of the ball. The Saints have been outstanding on kick-offs thanks to Morstead and Courtney Roby. Both the Colts and the Saints have been pretty terrible on every other aspect of special teams, though, despite what the Saints' special teams performance over the past two games may make people think.

    Another thing you didn't mention is the problems the Saints had picking up third downs against the Vikings. They kept getting stuffed on 3rd&short, and came up a yard short on a couple of 3rd down pass plays. That was a big part of keeping the game close. The Colts' speed on defense may continue to make it hard for the Saints to pick up those 3rd&longs, but the Saints should be able to pick up the 3rd&shorts with power running much more easily, which will make them look much better than they did against the Vikings.

    Also, a bit of nitpicking, but you made one of the classic mistakes on end-arounds/reverses/double reverses. The play they ran against the Vikings was actually a single reverse (Drew Brees faked a handoff to Pierre Thomas, then handed it off on an end-around to Colston, who then gave it to Bush on the reverse). This mistake is so common that you probably can't even call it a mistake anymore and every commentator does this - calling end-arounds reverses and reverses double reverses. Of course ironically on this play they correctly called it a reverse.

    @LDUTheCauch:"If he wants
    to win the game, he will."
    Will he? So why has he ever lost games, then?
    Players don't win games by themselves, they play in a team. And everyone will need to play their best in this game to have a shot at winning.