Sunday, February 14, 2010

Another Stat Nobody Is Talking About

The Bucs were abysmal last year and nobody could deny that, but did you know that they lost 4 games by 7 points or less? In fact did you know that if you added up all the points they lost by in those 4 games you would only come up with 15 points, basically an average of a little over a field goal?

I'm sure you probably wouldn't because nobody really talks about that. They are too busy trying to convince you that Coach Raheem Morris is "in over his head".

Now to be sure, even if we won those games we would still be only 7-9, which isn't exactly world beating status. But still when you put it in that context doesn't even the most cynical Bucs fan have to be just a little bit more optimistic about this upcoming season?

I know I am.

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