Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Best I Ever Had

So I am on Hulu looking through their videos and it turns out that they have a section of NFL Films now. I ended up finding the Buccaneers 1999 season recap, my best season by far, and I figured I would share.



  1. NOt sure if we will ever see a defense like that in tampa again. I think this was the best bucs team. That damn loss to the rams still is a sour taste in my mouth. Fricking ricky proel....You guys shut down that greatest show on turf, minus one dang play.....Sorry to bring it back up, but that defense on that field that day was a super bowl winning defense....

  2. What a presense Dungy has. That team had some stars, but was also filled with no name guys that obviouosly bought into Dungy's concept. Maybe Raheem can harness some of that magic.

  3. damn i can't see it because hulu doesnt let those of us outside america


  4. Such a shame this can't be seen outside the USA.