Thursday, November 18, 2010

Your Week Ten Leader

Yeahhhhhhhh Boyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Got my name back up in headlights this past weekend with an impressive 63 points.  Unfortunately it didn't help me at all in the standings.


I do have one amazing announcement.  For weeks we thought TopDog's lead was insurmountable but it appears he didn't get his picks in and the beneficiary of his misfortune is...wait for it..


Congrats on being the new overall leader homie, but we are coming after you!

Make sure you get your picks in today because there's another Thursday night game tonight. And as always, good luck.


  1. I'm coming for you fatmosh! I gained some ground on everyone ahead of me this week.

  2. No way, I'm taking this one to the house!


    Should be fun...

  3. SSSSHHHHHHH! Y'all hear that? yeah my foot steps!!!