Friday, November 5, 2010

Get Ready For Some Alex Magee

just came across my twitter stream
Jeff Faine, Jeremy Trueblood, Earnest Graham & Ryan Sims are all going to miss this weekend's game in Atlanta due to injury.

That's from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' twitter feed. It's kind of ironic because I was just talking about why the loss of Brian Price to IR was so big the other day and now that Sims is going to be out people will get to see what I mean. That's not a knock on Alex Magee though. Actually I don't know much about him and I couldn't say how he will fit in with our defense until he gets some snaps. But I would say its pretty damn scary when you think about the fact that he and Al Woods now make up the second team defensive tackles even though neither have taken a snap for Tampa and both were recently learning how to play in a 3-4 rather than a 4-3 defense.

And yes, it DEFINITELY matters.

I don't know if both Magee and Woods will be up but even if they are I have a hard time believing that Woods would be able to learn the playbook quick enough to be ready to play meaningful snaps for the Bucs on Sunday. Magee on the other hand has been here for a few weeks so he should at least have some of it down pat. Its not like Sims was necessarily a world beater either but at least he knew where he was supposed to be on every play.

Now the Bucs and all of us fans will have to say a few prayers that Gerald McCoy and Roy Miller, along with Magee, stay healthy for the whole game. If not you are looking at the prospect of some major shenanigans inside against the Falcons.

On an additional note James Lee will get another week to impress the coaches, this time he will probably see a lot of Kroy Bierman and probably some John Abraham as well. I thought aside from a couple plays where he slipped that his blocking was outstanding against Arizona. But he had two false start penalties and the truth is that's what drives everyone crazy about Trueblood. If he can cut that out then I really do believe no matter what the Bucs say publicly that he has a chance to be the permanent starter.


  1. So before Lee gets his place ready in the O-line, would you say the same thing if Dotson where here? I personally like what Dotson brings to the table. I just wish he was not injured in Pre-season. But you got to go out and do what is asked of you at any time. Good Job Lee!!
    What do you think Steve?

  2. @RustyRhino I like Dotson too but I was more impressed with Lee in the preseason honestly. Hell I thought Lee would make a good left tackle also. Its the fact that he doesn't just block people, he tries to dominate them on every play. And he is athletic enough to pass block well too. Its a rare combination and he kind of reminds me of Penn when he first got here. They could be a helluva tackle tandem if Lee cleans up the penalties.

  3. Yeah Steve,
    I was looking at him in AZ and he looks "skiny" compared to Penn. Looks about the same sizes as Trueblood, body size not height. I also like the Dominate aspect of his game, he likes to make the DL/LB remember him getting after them. Trueblood for his size doesn't look like he attacks the other player. Lee does attack and keeps attacking. False starts are something to watch but I like him in our Starting line-up.
    What do you think about Lorig, not as a DL but as our FB. you have went against a few "big" FB's any of them 275?

  4. I like Lorig at fullback because he goes hard. But what he is going to have to develop iare running back eyes. Right now he knows who to block based on a chalkboard but at times a fullback has to see the hole for the tailback and clear the path for him. With time I think you will see that. Unfortunately with noe EG tho I wouldnt expect any passes to go to the full back.

    As for someone his size, anguy I played against who is still playing, Jim Kleinsasser is probably bigger and that guy packed a punch!

  5. Hey Steve what are your thoughts on Trey Wingo calling the Bucs Radio Raheems bunch(pissed me off)Also what are your thoughts on the Josephs play this year?

  6. @jester I think it was stupid for Wingo to use the nickname but I also dont think he meant anything by it. Ive seen some of the vitriol on local message boards using that nickname as an insult but that doesnt mean Wingo was using it in the same way. On the other hand it isnt a flattering nickname in any context and Ill bet after all this he wont use it again.

    As foe Davin, he has actually played pretty poorly all season but the media has by in large given him a pass. He did play better against Arizona though.

  7. Yeah, I've been keeping an eye on Joseph each game this year and he's really struggled. Even in the Arizona game, he got off to a really rough start. I think he got beat badly on the first two offensive plays. He did seem to settle in as the game went on though and played better after that. Of course, I can say that about most of the O-line. Penn has been beaten badly at least a couple times in most every game this year as well, but nobody is saying anything except how well he's playing. I think it may have more to do with the injuries and turnover at the other 3 spots that's keeping Penn and Joseph out of the conversation.

  8. @BamBam I ddisagree on Penn. An offensive tackle isnt goiing to win everytime on pass blocking but he has more than held his own. And his run blocking has been above average. Davin on the other hand has been average or below at both so far. He is usually known for being a physical blocker in the running game but you just dont see it this year.

  9. I can agree with that. Joseph has been by far the worst. I was just saying that Penn has been beaten pretty good in each game at least a couple times. Haven't watched today's game over yet, but will keep an eye out for Penn. I understand no lineman will win every battle all game long, but when he gets beat (Penn or Joseph) he gets beat BAD.