Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Who Is Going To Be Our Backup QB And What Does It Mean?

My good friends over at JoeBucsFan posted about an article on TBO.com ostensibly about Jevan Snead's chances of sticking with the team but also with some interesting comments about Josh Johnson. Now as I was reading the article a different thought came to mind and so I put it in the comments section. I kinda feel like I got carried away but also made some good points so I decided to put it up here as a post unto itself. Check it out.

Most of yall know that one of the things I rail against is the media just mindlessly regurgitating team talking points without ever examining them. Nothing has pissed me off more than how the team was able to get away with trashing Antonio Bryant in an effort to obscure the fact that the primary reason they didn’t resign him had to do with money. Not route running or being a diva, but money. And the media enabled it without every taking a skeptical stance towards the evolving arguments the Bucs had against resigning Bryant.

Well one talking point of course has been that the Bucs have plenty of money and can and will spend as they see fit. They say they aren’t spending money now because supposedly there were no good free agents available. Well that’s all fine and good but what proof of that is there?

Not much.

Several positions where we have a need there were young productive players available via free agency and we never even got in the game.

But even if you buy that I feel and felt like there is one major position that would really tell the tale on where we are financially. I tweeted to the TBO reporters in response to one of their tweets about our probable/possible interest in Marc Bulger that if the Bucs did not sign a veteran QB to backup Freeman this year it would be the surest sign that money is an issue. They never responded but I stand by that.

Unless you have Peyton Manning or Brett Favre as your QB, guys that never missed a game during their career, you had better have a good vet backing your starter. And I say that being a fan of Josh Johnson. The truth is none of us know how durable Freeman will be let alone if he might falter this year. Not having a guy behind him that has wins in the NFL under their belt is a recipe for disaster. And truthfully I don’t necessarily buy that he needs a baby sitter/mentor, but he DOES need a guy who has been there and done that who can step in if needed and can also push him work ethic wise and film room wise. We still have time yet but if we don’t sign anybody to fill that role before the season the media should NEVER repeat the talking point that the Bucs can spend money as they please ever again.


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  3. It is ALWAYS about the money! Investing in a "good" player isn't about winning...it's about money. Of course, winning and money usually go hand-in-hand, but there comes a point where a player can cost more than what their skills can earn the franchise.