Thursday, April 15, 2010

Moral Relativism

The folks over at joebucsfan have a post up going pretty hard at Brandon Marshall for being a "dirtbag" and cheering on the fact that the Bucs passed on him. Now everyone is entitled to their opinion and I certainly respect theirs, I found it pretty astounding that just a few days after upbraiding the Buccaneers for not trading for Santonio Holmes, a guy who has been in a lot of the same kind of trouble in the past as Marshall and is CURRENTLY being investigated for assault and is CURRENTLY suspended for the first 4 games next year. I am reprinting here the entire comment I just left on that post because I want to make it clear that in this particular case we have different opinions.

So let me see if I have this straight.

A couple days ago Joe was pissed that we didnt’ spend a 5th rounder on a guy who is still being investigated for hitting a girl in the face with a class cup, facing a 4 game suspension for drugs, who went on his twitter and both told a fan to kill himself and alluded to him smoking weed…again. But now today Joe is calling Marshall a dirtbag??

The mind reels.

How about a few facts to counteract the vitriol.

Since Marshall’s run ins over domestic violence with one woman who admitted she herself also assaulted him at times, he has gotten married to a totally different woman and there have been no more incidents that anybody knows about. Also Marshall was “suspended” last year because his shithead coach thinks he knows how injured guys are based on his bachelors degree in douchebaggery. Funny because Marshall couldn’t have played anyway according to him because of his hamstring, but his coach McDaniels, who also it seems fell out with everybody’s angel Tom Brady for almost a month and wasn’t on speaking terms while still with the Patriots, felt like he should suspend the guy to “make an example”. I’d like for you to go back and look up the Denver papers and see how many of them called out McDaniels for that bitch move rather than Marshall.

Oh and that “Marshall and his boys” inciting a riot? Total bullshit. They guys who shot his teammates were looking for trouble. In fact earlier in the night according to testimony Marshall played peace keeper to intervene when they were starting trouble and bought them drinks and food so they would knock it off. It wasn’t until the party was over and the same guys were STILL starting trouble that he got pissed and got into a VERBAL I repeate VERBAL altercation with those assholes. And you know what? The situation appeared to be squashed and Marshall went to his own vehicle and the murderers STILL decided to shoot up somebody’s limo, which is how Darrent Williams got killed. So to make it seem as if it was all Marshall’s fault isn’t just bullshit, its damn near libelous.

Look I could care less when people decide to get on their high horse and declare somebody a scumbag. I certainly hope the people doing that are squeaky clean in their own home lives but so be it. But what irritates the hell out of me is moral relativism. If Marshall is a dirtbag and he isnt in any legal trouble at the moment then Santonio Holmes who was also accused of domestic violence and is currently in trouble for DAMN sure is also a dirtbag and the fact that he could be had for a lower draft pick shouldn’t change that.


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  1. That's fair Steve.
    I kinda feel like an idiot for being pissed about not getting Holmes now.

    And it's true: I wasn't really bothered that we didn't go after Marshall. (I'm not thrilled about all the smug Fins fans, though.)

    As we get closer to the draft I find myself buying in to what the Bucs' front office is doing.

    Chastised, I feel like I should read more and comment less.

    You're right, man.