Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Are You Really Surprised? Brandon Marshall Edition

According to various media outlets Brandon Marshall has been traded from the Denver Broncos to the Miami dolphins for a 2nd rounder this year and another 2nd rounder next year. For some reason I have a feeling that this will surprise some Buccaneers fans. My question is why should it? It would be different if the Bucs had said anything, ANYTHING in the past few months to give people cause to believe they would really be trading for Marshall. But if you go back and look damn near everything they have said would have you believing the exact opposite. Someone asked me in a live chat on JoeBucsFan last week what the chances were for us getting Marshall and I said Slim and None and Slim just left town. Its not really rocket science folks. At some point fans have to differentiate between what they want the Bucs to do and what is most likely the Bucs WILL do, and that starts with actually listening to what they say rather than what you hope they said.

As Maya Angelou put it, when someone reveals themselves to you, believe them.

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