Thursday, March 25, 2010

Safeties In The First Round

So I was bored just checking my twitter feed and I noticed this tweet from Sports Illustrated's Peter King.

@SI_PeterKing RT @twilson22: You're way off on safeties in 1st round. They have lowest bust factor of any position on D ... Way too dangerous in top 10

For the uninitiated, whomever twilson22 is said to King "You're way off on safeties in first round. They have lowest bust factor o any position on D"

To which King replied "Way too dangerous in top 10"

This kind of dovetailed with another tweet I saw earlier in the day from former NFL personnel guy Daniel Jeremiah:

Currently, there are 10 starting safeties that went undrafted while there are 9 starters that went in the 1st Rd

So I figured since I had some time to burn I would go through and do a little research on safeties taken in the first round. Here we go year by year.




Kenny Phillips


Michael Griffin

Reggie Nelson


Michael Huff

Donte Whitner


Antrell Rolle


Sean Taylor


Troy Palomalu


Roy Williams

Ed Reed


Adam Archuleta

Derek Gibson


Rashard Anderson



Now I fully admit that 2000 and 2001 were not exactly banner years for safeties taken in the first round. But setting aside those to years do you see any busts anywhere else in the list?

It turns out that those 9 first rounders that Mr Jeremiah referred to as starting just so happen to be all 9 first round safeties in the last 7 years. 9 for 9 ain't bad if you ask me. Especially when you look at the wealth of guys drafted at other positions in the first round that didn't last very long in the NFL.

So maybe, just MAYBE, folks should be looking more at drafting safeties in the first round.

Just sayin

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