Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Geno Atkins

I know that not many people watched the Senior Bowl this year, but I happened to be one of the few who did. Throughout the game this one guy kept flashing to me and it was a defensive tackle out of Georgia by the name of Geno Atkins. Now I watched my fair share of SEC ball this year and I remember that Georgia had some tackles inside who had ability but never seemed to make a lot of plays. Well this guy Atkins showed a ton of pass rush potential in that Senior Bowl game and I really liked the way he used his hands.

I asked around and some scouts think he have a lot of ability but so far he hasn't really tapped into his potential. Now normally for me that might be a red flag about the guy's work ethic but so far I haven't heard anything negative in that regard. Actually he just completed what appears to be a very impressive combine where he threw up 225 pounds 34 times and ran a 4.78 at 295 pounds or so.

Now as you know I am a film guy so I want to try to find a way to watch more of him, but I expect Atkins is going to be rocketing up some people's boards now and might be in that bottom of the 2nd/top of the 3rd round area. I have to say that If I keep digging and nothing negative comes up on him, I would fully endorse the Bucs using a 3rd round pick on that guy. Somebody that big, and that fast, who actually already has pass rush moves is going to generally going to make plays in this league.

As the draft approaches keep checking back and I'll try to update with what I hear on him.

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