Monday, August 29, 2011

Trying Something Different

If you follow me on Twitter, and a lot of you do, you probably know that I announced a few weeks ago that I probably wouldn't be blogging much if at all this season.  I kinda came to this reality/decision watching the first Bucs preseason game and not having the slightest inclination to rewind the plays or make notes for a blog.  I was just enjoying watching as a fan for the first time in quite a while and it felt good.  Now there are obviously other factors to this also but what I said a few weeks ago hasn't changed.  At the same time however more than a few people have tweeted me and emailed me asking that I continue blogging which has been both gratifying and humbling that so many people enjoyed it. 

So I thought about trying a compromise.  A lot of what takes up time with blogging is trying to take notes about the game and then translate them into easy to understand verbiage for all of my readers as well as trying to keep it at least somewhat entertaining.  This is a lot harder than it probably sounds but I was thinking that maybe I could incorporate Twitter into my game review commentary and just give you all short and to the point comments about what I am seeing.  Its still going to be a little time consuming but I won't feel the pressure I used to put on myself to make it into such a polished product and have it out as quick as possible.

I don't actually know if this will work or how many people will be interested but I think I will do a trial run tonight.  What is going to happen is this, I will tell everyone what time I will be doing a film review on Twitter on the defensive line. The time will generally  be later so I don't blow up my other followers timelines and I won't be able to answer questions, however you will be able to go with me pretty much play by play and find out who played well and who didn't.  Tonight I will be doing a review of just the first half of the last Bucs preseason game against the Dolphins at 11pm.  So if you want to get in on it just follow me on Twitter at sgw94 if you aren't doing so already.

If there is a sufficient level of interest then I will have the next session like this after the first regular season game and I will give everyone a few days notice to plan for it.  If not then I'm just going to take this season to get back to being something I haven't really been in years, just an average fan enjoying the games.

Oh, before I forget, I'll also be contributing to great friend of the blog and all around good guy WhatTheBuc's radio show which runs on Tuesday evenings from 8pm-10pm on 1010 AM locally.  If you get a chance tune in and show your support.


  1. Awesome! I have continually checked your blog for any updates, and only recently created a twitter account. Looking forward to your observations/thoughts about the Miami game! Always loved reading your blog, and I hope you get sufficient interest and enjoy continuing the post-game Buccaneer blog notes.
    Thanks again for everything, and making the game I love just that much more enjoyable!

  2. Love your takes... But, Twitter?

    Here's the problem for me. I've followed, then unfollowed (and that pains me) you because my twitter TL gets spammed with "politics". I'm more interested in "Which side of the isle" to kick back on than I could ever care "which side of the aisle" is more stupid... (answer is both, of course)

    Hopefully, I can get from radio what I do so much value from "Passing On The Game"...

  3. I wish I had a spare fuck to give about you unfollowing me. Look it, follow or don't follow, its your choice. But I'm not changing a got damn thing. It is what it is.

  4. I truly enjoyed your analysis on last seasons blog. I learned details about D-line play that I never imagined existed, all in the frame of reference of my favorite team. I'll check out your twitter and hopefully enjoy it just as well.

    I'll probably need to re-read last years posts to remember all the terminology though, lol.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. dont care how i get your analysis, but hope it keeps coming one way or another. your insights on the DL are incredibly helpful in understanding whats really going on.