Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Making Moves

So the Sabby Piscitelli era is over in Tampa Bay. I can't say I'm all that surprised. Remember I didn't think he would or should make the final roster coming out of training camp. He didn't help himself by complaining about being beaten out by Sean Jones and his play Sunday certainly didn't merit any additional playing time.  I don't know if there was more to why the Bucs released him but I do know that we are a better defense without him on the field.

It appears by looking on the depth chart on the Bucs website that Corey Lynch will indeed be the starter on Sunday. It also appears that he will be backed up by a guy we signed off the Browns practice squad yesterday, Larry Asante. I liked Asante in the draft this spring and was disappointed that the Bucs didn't draft him in the later rounds. But we all have to hope Lynch is healthy the whole game because I can't see Asante being ready to play meaningful snaps after only one week in the system.

Another move the Bucs made was signing Vince Anderson off the practice squad to the active roster. Anderson was a guy who caught my eye in the preseason with his physical nature at the safety position. I didn't write much about him because it was apparent numbers wise that he had little chance of making the team. But I am excited to see what he can do when he gets on the field. Granted any time he gets, if any at all, will be on special teams, I still have this feeling that he is going to blow somebody up if given the opportunity.

As for the other moves of bringing up Dezmon Briscoe and Brandon Carter, I think the Bucs decided to reward two guys who have been on the practice squad all year. I don't we particularly need another wide receiver since here lately Preston Parker hasn't even been active but Briscoe has some upside to him. As for Carter I think he may end up being a valuable backup at guard with Davin Joseph going to IR. I hope that they don't end up needing him though or the Bucs are really going to be in a pickle.

Injuries never happen at a good time but Cody Grimm and Joseph going down right before a showdown against the Bucs division rival, the Falcons, really sucks. But I wouldn't count them out just yet. Lynch isn't the hitter that Grimm was in my opinion but I think he has better ball skills. While the Bucs may give up something on defense when Atlanta is running the ball, I think they might gain something when they try to pass it. And I think the offensive line will be ok with Zuttah in the starting line up. This is still a winnable game for the Bucs if everyone just focuses on doing THEIR job.

In a season where the Bucs have shocked a lot of people already I think the biggest shock may be on Sunday...


  1. Steve, I have come to trust coach Morris decisions when it comes to personnel getting playing time. I was calling for Lynch when Jackson was suspended and coach Morris instead inserted Grimm. To my surprise, Grimm in my eyes was playing at a very high level, higher than I expected from a rookie seventh rounder. I never second guessed the coach or GM, I am a true fan and roll with what ever decisions the team makes. Thanks for all your insight that you give us regarding the D-Line play it has help a lot when watching the games. Oh and keep an eye out for the MLB'er from UMD. we could use someone like him in the middle, a true beast!

  2. Steve, seems like you know a bit about Larry, can you tell us what you saw in him in Nebraska? Considering we lost our FS to Weed and injury, how good were Asante's ball skills at college level?

  3. would like to see b rudd benched in favor of a hayward or a true mlb instead of a reciever but i like briscoe size in the offseason atleast we have a few wideouts we can trade to get sum depths at other positions and true fullback

  4. steve the defensive line play has inproved over the last 3 weeks. Do you think the coaching has inproved or the talent just starting to show up

  5. Hey Steve,
    Hope your feeling better.
    Can you give us some incite on Abraham's talked about move to the LE position to put pressure on Lee and how we might counter that. Is it easy to move from one side to the other, and will running away from Abraham's side and rolling out away from him help us out?
    I am Glad to see that Sabby is no longer on the team,have you ever had this type of late season release(cut)of a teammate and how did it affect the chemistry of the team if it did.
    Thanks again for your blog! I learn more from reading and watching what you write about it gives the less educated fan a fresh perspective.